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World war 3 scenarios

Posted on 31st May 2012 in Psychic Mystery

World war 3 scenarios are varying. We don’t know for sure when and how it will happen but the clock is ticking very fast. World war 3 scenarios are all end in one way – a mass destruction for earth and lots of causalities.

We can find World war 3 scenarios everywhere, at the bible, news and even psychic prophecies. They all agree that something really bad will happen but in the end everything will sort on the good way. After this event we might start from fresh, we might ruin everything but every prediction says that good will win and evil will be defied. So the first scenario is war between few countries that other will join and it will be everywhere on earth. There are too many conflicts in our lives so the danger is that lots of states will take sides – either is in the good group or in the bad. This strike fears in our hearts because we will not be able to escape – it will haunt us everywhere we go. It might take years till the war will end and there will be survivors but not too much. The use of mass destruction means will be applied. In a push of few buttons we can destroy and kill everything we know about this world. And when a war starts you don’t know how it will end.

Other world war 3 scenarios can start over a religion dispute. Every group thinks that it’s right, that they know everything and therefore want to control the world. They will try to impose rules on others and when they will not success in doing it they might try to apply a military force. Another possibility is that earth’s resources are dwindle every year, like energy, oil, food, water and etc… so there will be a fight over resources, millions of hungry people can start a chaos in their countries that will spread all over. Also the economic situation is not very well in recent years, people don’t have enough money to live and they will start to do everything they need in order to survive.

Every little problem that we ignore for too long or just don’t even bother to think of might start one of the world war 3 scenarios and when the ship has left the dock we can not control it anymore!

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