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White owl symbolism

Posted on 6th March 2012 in Mythical Creatures

White owl symbolism is a very psychic mystery thing because they can deceive and hide very well. White owl symbolism also refers to something very scary we all want to avoid at nights. It has a very dark side by nature.

White owl symbolism is also taken from the moon symbols. The owl and the moon are the only white things around the darkness of the night. It considered as the messenger of evil creatures of the night. Before they come to haunt us they send the white owl to clear their way on earth. Like a flying torch the enlighten their shinning path while there are up to destroy everything around them. This is also the reason why there are lots of owl superstitions that are related to death. Only because the fear of the unknown and what it can bring with him. There is also a folklore story that the owl sees everything we are doing during the day but he doesn’t interfere us. Just take notes and observe our behavior. But at night he will make us pay for all our sins. He never forgets and will not let us get away from the destiny. Because of his white color, people who lived in the middle age thought that he is the one who swallows all the light in the world and if they will not catch him, the sun will not shine in the morning and they will live for eternity in darkness.

But there are also good treats regarding the white owl symbolism. In some culture they believe it has psychic powers, he is the god of the dark which help people when they are all gloomy and sad to show the right and educated way to success, and of course act like a spiritual guidance to the road of enlighten. It can also bring us good dreams that will help us to solve troubles in our lives.

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