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when did the titanic sink and where map

Posted on 19th January 2012 in Psychic Mystery Places

People often wondering these two psychic mystery questions: when did the titanic sink and where did the titanic sink map. This accident is a part of our history because it was really tragic and many people have died.

When did the titanic sink? In April the 15th year 1912 more then 1500 has died because a collision in an ice berg. It happened at night and it took three hours to this ship to sink in the cold water of the ocean.

Where did the titanic sink map? Exactly at the middle of it voyage in the Atlantic Ocean. But the broken parts were spreads to miles away from the original place of collision. This is why it was very hard to find the original place on the map. But in the 80s researchers finally found the ship wreck.

The titanic was a big technology innovation at that time, not only it was the biggest vessel and could carry more then 2000 passengers at the same time but it had very advanced technology that enable it to sail across the seas for long time and of course with a big distance. There are also many evidences of that horror night, people who survived then live today to tell the story. There were only 700 survivors and most of the travelers find their death in that accident. There are many missing persons that have not been found until this day. when did the titanic sink and where did the titanic sink map are important question to help us to understand what has happened but the more important is how we can protect ourselves so this thing will not happen again. And through years there where many rules and laws about what a ship captain and his or her crew should do in such dangerous situation. Furthermore, today we have computers and hi-tech navigation system that can help us to get away from obstacles in the sea.

It is also very important to train a rescue team that can provide help to the passengers at this time. People who know exactly what they should do in order to save the lives of the travelers. Every death is of course unnecessary but at least today we know more how to avoid these situations.

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