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Walt Disney freemason secrets symbols

Posted on 20th February 2012 in Psychic Mystery

Walt Disney freemason secrets symbols – one day we woke up in the morning and realized that Walt Disney is a freemason and from there we tried to investigate his animation movies to see if there are any clues, secrets or symbols to support this conspiracy theory. This case is very interesting because everyone watched at least one of his movies as a kid or grownup and it is very shocking to find out that the person who had influence could somehow brain wash us with his ideas – no matter if they are good or bad. Look at this video and you will see many more other hidden messages (not only those who are supposed to be by the freemanson):

Walt Disney freemason secrets symbols – there is no actual proof of him being connected with the free masons. In the old 1950s there where many clubs that people belonged too including the masons. Disney sponsored these clubs as a part of its excellent business model. So when they customize the cartoon characters and blend it with the symbols of the freemasons it might look that he was a part of this secret society. However there are many videos that claim that he planted secret messages on his films, subliminal information that will affect us passively while watching the movies. This might be very scary to think that young kids will learn evil things on their early childhood at the disguise of popular entertainment.

Walt Disney freemason secrets symbols – some movies contains pictures of that secret society but also in movies that where published after his death. So it also might be that he was not the only one and other people who work and even still working keep on using the animations to hide there secret messages that suppose to influence us without being aware of it. And other thinks that it is just a hoax. So in the end you have to decide for your own and the best way to do it is to be very selective in want you see on the big screen.

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