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The Voynich manuscript pdf decoded copy

Posted on 14th April 2012 in Psychic Mystery

The Voynich manuscript pdf decoded copy – this is a magical book that provides information about plants and how you can use them for medical purposes and cure diseases. The Voynich manuscript pdf decoded copy is a combination of alchemy and science it is a mixture of the spirit and the matter.

This is how it looks like, a great piece of art with a lot of mystery:

There are few problems with the analysis of The Voynich manuscript pdf decoded copy. First we don’t know which plants the book refer to because it talks about species that we have not seen on earth and it is really difficult to try to see which one is similar to the presented pictures. Moreover, we don’t know which language this manuscript has been written, although it was founded in Italy. So it leads us to the theory that it was written in some encrypted system in order to keep the healing secret away from the public. Only those who where near this phenomena can understand and use the psychic powers that this book is offering.

The main concept of this psychic book is to combine the plants, the stars in the sky, biology of humans and recipes. This information helped the scientists who tried to decode it to think that it is all about making formulas and cures. But what exactly is the process is still remain a psychic mystery. No one really knows who wrote this manuscript, during the history some people claimed to be the authors but no one could prove it. They just wanted to be famous for something they never did.

There is even a theory that the Voynich manuscript pdf decoded copy is a hoax. That someone around the 70s created this book. It could created by anyone who had a very developed creativity and imagination, drawing plants that are not existing on earth and invented an unknown language so no one will ever know what he or she wrote about. It this way there will be left only guesses about the manuscript and everyone will be free to interpret the mystery as he or she wants.

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