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The lost colony of Roanoke facts theories

Posted on 14th April 2012 in Psychic Mystery Places

The lost colony of Roanoke facts and theories are a real psychic mystery. This is because we know how it started but we don’t know how and why it was ended.

The story of the lost colony of Roanoke begins in the 16th century when the European came to America. There have been many problems in that area and life were not easy. There are many facts and theories to support this, for example there was not enough food for everyone in this little village. They could not defend themselves against Native American attacks. This situation has lead the governor of this area to go back to England and ask for supply so people will be able to live there decently. But when he came back to the village three years later he didn’t found even one person there. Imagine how is it to go back to your town and found that it was all destroyed and no one is living there.

Here are some of the lost colony of Roanoke facts and mystery theories: it is very logical the people will live this place because life was very hard there so they started a new colony in another place. Another theory is that a disease stroke this place and everyone has been killed, but the problem is that no one found bodies so unless they all have been buried somewhere, this is not a strong claim. Another story in that hurricane strokes this area and breaks everything around. But again, when the governor came back he found that the fence around the colony was standing and it can be that the hurricane will destroy everything but the fence. The last theory is that they all been killed by the Native American.

The lost colony of Roanoke facts and theories are blend together, some parts of it are known and others are still a secret. There are many holes in the history of man kind.

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