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The bible code predictions

Posted on 2nd June 2012 in Psychic Mystery

The bible code predictions – interpretation of the bible is very hard. There are lots of psychic mysteries there that we don’t completely understand yet. The bible code predictions can only be stories and legends but they can also provide us predictions to the future. If not in the mystic sense then at least on the level of a documented history which might repeat itself very soon.

So how can we encode or decrypt the bible code predictions? We have to take into account that the people who wrote it tried to hide it from us. So this information will not be available to the public, but only for few selected ones. They might to it to prevent a mass hysteria but also to keep the knowledge and the power to only small group of people who can use it as they want the original thought was that they should help us to prepare to these dangerous prophecies. Therefore it is not enough to read the stories in the bible and to try to figure out if they fit the current world’s events or not. The code itself is between the lines and the columns it is so hidden that you need to change the positions of the letter, use numerology and many more calculations in order to find a prediction. Today there are computer softwares that scan the words in various ways to see if they can come up with a message from the past. And yes we did found something!

Among the bible code predictions are swine flu – there have been many epidemic situations that are writing in the bible, hurricane disasters. But even things that weren’t so developed or parts of the daily life at that time like economic crisis and 9/11.

There is one more way to look at the bible code predictions and it called pictograms or codes from pictures. The principle is very simple but yet very hard to find. When we look at certain words together, they can be near each other or one on the top of another; we can circle them in a special way that they will create meaningful pictures for us which are graphical predictions.

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