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Stigmata pictures

Posted on 16th December 2011 in Psychic Mystery

Stigmata pictures – before you watch these Stigmata pictures please bare in mind that this psychic mystery is linked to identity crisis and not so much with the believe of being closed to God and experiencing the pain and suffering of Jesus Christ.

In the medieval ages there were many plagues that cause these wounds that look like marks of crucifixion. So there are many different explanations to this so in the ends in is all depends on what you are believe in. you can be skeptic or very religious person and the interpretation of this psychic mystery will be based on you believe system. There are also notions that this are the marks of the beast, like the number 666, so it might also connected with demons and bad spirits who are coming to possess the human body.

After examining Stigmata pictures we can conclude that the common figures are the cross, nails, ropes, spears and many more elements that are related to Jesus crucifixion. Most of them also made from human blood, but there are few ways it can be done with optical illusions which doest hurt the body at all, very similar to magic tricks. Even if you see stigmata on a picture still you can not guess how it was done – this factor is always remains in secret and this is the reason why most of the people don’t believe that it is for real. Long time ago the stigmatic people used to hide these wounds because they didn’t wanted to be considered as mentally ill, but in the internet days, it seems like everyone can post Stigmata pictures, get the attention and be a hero for few days. This is why the topic is very obscure and there is a huge doubt about the authenticity of these bloody wounds.

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