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Real vampire spells that work

Posted on 20th March 2013 in Mystery Seeker

Real vampire spells that work – According to the “vampire bible”, if you want to know how to become a vampire you only need one vampire to bite you. Basically it is like a secret society that if you want to join them you will need to get accepted to their group.

There are many real vampire spells that work and that you can find online. The most powerful one is those who summon vampires to your life and make them bite you. Before you ever read such spells, you must truly and deeply decide that this is what you want, because there is no way back, one you’re a vampire you will stay in this situations for hundreds of years. So although it might seem to be cool and interesting in the Hollywood movies it actually can be very difficult. Not every one can live in the nights and behind depended only on drinking blood.

Another scary thought is that when you become a vampire you actually are being possessed by another spirit who is taking over your body. The thing is that your real soul can be ejected from your body – die or even to pass to another physical body. So there are lots of side effects to this transformation and you might end up like a zombie in the way that you are limited, so if you are expecting to have bigger powers and even psychic abilities just from transforming to a vampire you might be very disappointed.

Real vampire spells that work are actually doesn’t work only as the form of spell. In most cases you will have to get some mystical ingredient, maybe to create a portion but more important is to have a ceremony or a ritual. And in order to do it you have to be guided by a real psychic who knows the procedure. If you are doing it on your own, it might not work and if it will work, then something can go wrong and you will be sorry for this for the rest of your life.

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