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Psychic vampire symptoms traits codex test

Posted on 5th June 2012 in Mythical Creatures

There are several symptoms or traits that every psychic vampire have. Most of them are writing in the book psychic vampire codex, and there is also a Psychic vampire test you can have to see if you are one of these mysteries.

A little warning before you continues to read! There is a thing called “medical students syndrome” it happen to students every year. When they read about symptoms or a disease they get it into their head and think that they have this illness. So don’t dig into too much or be obsessed about it because you might turn into a vampire in the next few minutes!

What are the symptoms, strengths and weaknesses of being a vampire? I don’t know of any meaningful symptoms but you will be stronger and faster and your wounds will heal better. You might be able to learn the vampire magic from a vampire you know to, and to turn into a psychic vampire you’ll need to know at least one powerful vampire. How long do vampires live for? I would say immortal but that’s probably not true. You just live a lot longer than you would have if you were a human.

Among the psychic vampire traits codex are: the feeling of being alone all the time and sad in the dark. They take energies not only through blood but also in a spiritual way they also have telepathic abilities. They are very cold and they take warm energy from other people. You can try this psychic test to see if you are one of them or not.

If you are feeling very down recently and just don’t know why, this might because a person that is near you is a psychic vampire and taking all your strength so get away from him or her as soon as possible. If you loose all your positive energies then this video might help you:

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