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Project Pegasus hoax

Posted on 6th December 2011 in Hoaxes

Project Pegasus hoax – according to some rumors, the US military has developed secret technology that allows bending the space-time continuum, and sent several people in temporal and interplanetary journeys. This often called The Project Pegasus hoax.

Project Pegasus hoax claim that at least for 40 years the Navy and CIA have drafted the most privileged minds to work in black budget projects, building space-time travel devices based in alien technology. The most remarkable geniuses of the modern human history are Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla and John Von Neumann. These 3 men joined the US government in the early 40s, to develop technology that could be used in warfare. The most dramatic project researched to military use was the electronic camouflage. Based in Einstein’s theories on unified field, in Tesla’s experiments on E.M. fields and advanced mathematic calculations of Neumann’s computers, the Navy decided to apply their knowledge to reach stealth technology in vessels.

So it was created a classified Project Pegasus hoax, headed by Tesla, named “Philadelphia Experiment” aka “Project Rainbow”, to realize tests that could give the US Navy an advantage against the fast U-Boat German submarines. Unexpected events gave the Navy more than could be figured. 50 years later, several former US military as Phil Schneider hoax, Al Bielek, Preston Nicholas and independent researchers as Andrew Basiago have stated that actually the Navy found out how to open vortexes or wormholes and send matter through space-time continuum. The people who were involved in Project Pegasus hoax affirm that the US military has sent several people to Mars since the 70s and a very controversial person came to public to confirm these claims. Laura Eisenhower claims to have been heavily harassed to become head of a secret program of Mars colonizing, carried by the Illuminati, due her alleged psychic skills, occultist knowledge and bloodline. Despite her peculiar mystic approaching on the subject, she seems very secure with her statements, but naturally they arouse doubts and questions in those who listen to her mainly the skeptics. But the main question we should do. Is: what’s the probability of a relative of one the most important presidents of USA, that supposedly had dramatic meetings with aliens, have had access to classified information, concerning these subjects, or even have been part of them in highest or lowest level?

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