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Pisces horoscope

Posted on 14th October 2011 in Horoscopes

Pisces horoscope February 20 – March 20

Pisces is the fish zodiac sign which associated with love and trust; they will believe their friends, in good life and of course in spiritualism. They feel that every person on earth is somehow connected to another person, this give them a special psychic view when they are looking on the big picture. You trust their advices and they will help you to reach out and meet new people.

They are very emotional and you can see it on their eyes, their soul is so fragile and when someone hurt them they can be very sad an upset. They want to be themselves and express it in artistic way, the career is not very important for them and they don’t mind to move from place to place as long as they will find the right way to live as they wish.

The big struggle of Pisces is to find their shining path in life. Sometimes they are too good in many professions that make them confused in which way they should go. If they don’t find it then they might fall down and be lonely. They know how to guide others in spiritual journey but it is very hard for them to help themselves in this task.

Making a decision is also hard for them but the good side of it is that they are very flexible to any change that might pop up in their lives. They have to make reality check every once in a while because the real life is not always easy, and cruel decisions will have to be made along the way. They are very romantic is fairy tales style and will stick to relationship even if it’s not good for them. They forgive and forget very easily and this makes them very vulnerable because some might use it for his or her needs.

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