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Phil Schneider hoax debunked death and wiki disappearance

Posted on 18th May 2012 in Hoaxes

Phil Schneider hoax debunked. It is a great opportunity to reexamine his life, death and why his wiki pages disappeared. The life of Phil Schneider was full of psychic mystery; he was always talking about UFO, aliens and government cover up regarding extraterrestrials. So whether his lectures were hoaxes or real it is depend on who you choose to believe.

The mystery of Phil Schneider hoax began when he was working for the military. He used to build facilities for them and hence it allegedly gave him the option to learn more and gain more information about secret projects and technologies from out of space. The main story was that he was digging big holes and tunnels in the desert near Mexico. And in the daily work he encountered a secret base of aliens from the gray type. Then the story role on to the point where all the employees were killed and only he managed to escape from sure death. Like every aliens hoax, it is really hard to judge the authenticity of the events because we don’t have real evidences. Moreover if you will search on Google for the term Phil Schneider wiki you will end up in Wikipedia website but if you will look closely you will see that the pages about him were deleted. It says that the information about this person is not something that is interesting the public. But maybe it is just a good excuse to cover up this alien’s story?

But the mystery continues even on Phil Schneider death, as of today we don’t know exactly what killed him or who? It could be a heart attack, or someone else who wanted him dead. Many people try to create hoaxes everyday regarding any topic they might choose. But still in every hoax there is a little truth. So maybe the Phil Schneider hoax has some real parts that can teach us more about aliens.

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