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Personal mantra examples

Posted on 2nd May 2012 in Psychic Mystery Believes

Personal mantra examples – mantra are secret words, they are usually used in Yoga and other spiritual occasions. But personal mantra examples are sentences or few words that are customized for your way of life. Therefore they will be more meaningful for you and might have a bigger positive impact on your life.

There are lots of personal mantra examples however they all have one common thing: they are a constant reminder of what you want to achieve in your life. when you say few times a day something like a prayer or a wish that you would like to came true, it will eventually make you tuned to the right direction it will take you to the right place in terms of that your actions will be adjusted together to target your mission. Usually it happens slowly but surely without our knowledge. For example if you trained your self to say a mantra that you will find the job you always dreamed of and it takes few year and by the time you got the job you already forgot that the mantra was a part of it, then you might think it was something like magic. But in fact it is not a magic it is something that we working on and focus. Although it seems to be spiritualistic or associated with luck this is not the case.

It just works because we let our mind to be free. We can do everything in this life and we can invent ourselves from scratch and be whatever we want. We just need a little reminder near us. We all have psychic powers but we prefer not to use them correctly.

Here are few personal mantra examples: “I love myself”, “I’m a successful person”, “and I have patience “,” I worth more” and so on. While it might sound as a self compliment, you will understand that there is nothing wrong in saying good words to yourself if it might lead you to the right direction. Life is hard and it is a real jungle. We have too much distractions and things that influence badly on our soul, that this is your time to take a good care of you and the goals you set to yourself.

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