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Patrick Notley hoax photographer

Posted on 2nd December 2011 in Hoaxes

Patrick Notley hoax photographer – few photos in a slideshow has made the internet community go crazy. In an email that spread it was claims that Patrick Notley hoax photographer made a slideshow with photos that he took. However the important detail is that he is an autistic artist. Now the question remains, if it is real or a fake hoax?

No one knows any person names Patrick Notley, so it is very hard to verify that authenticity of this person, this suggest that it is not a real name. Furthermore, there are some assumptions that he didn’t pictured these photos and just collect them into a slideshow. But no one else claimed to be the owner of these images, yet. There is no doubt that Patrick Notley hoax photographer made him an anonymous artist and maybe telling that he is autistic is just to make this hoax bigger.

In many psychic mystery cases we have photos and need to decide if they are real or hoax. It can be photos of UFO, aliens, creatures, ghosts, crop circles and whatever psychic mystery you can think of. In most cases it turns to be fake, hoax or just a bad joke. It is very easy to deceive the human mind. Our eye sight is not something objective because the images we see are being interpret inside our brain. So we don’t look at this world free of judgment but we give meanings to each and every little thing we see.

This is why it is very easy to create a hoax with some pictures and Photoshop software. Even newspapers and magazines are doing it from time to time. They distort the reality and create something a little different in order to fit a certain story to their needs. This creates a problem because most of the people are not fools and it will start a snowball of over skepticisms and it will lead to a point where we might miss a true story.

Patrick Notley hoax photographer – Photos slideshow on video:

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