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Owl superstitions omen

Posted on 16th December 2011 in Psychic Mystery Believes

Owl superstitions omen – this lovely animal has always fascinated us this is why there are so many Owl superstitions omen. The owl is considered smart and is a symbol of the all mighty gods. But as the human evolution progressed, there have been lots of myths and legends that associated the owls with bad luck and misfortune.

People where so afraid from owl omen, that when they heard his howling they took off their clothing, and than wear it back from the inside out. The American Indians used to make a dream catcher from owls` feathers. In this action they could catch the good spirits and have good dreams. They also could stop nightmares and make their brain much more open and cleared to the spiritual path, so owl superstitions omen can also be a good thing here are some of them:

Howling owl near a pregnant lady means that her baby will be a girl.

If you see an owl in the morning, bad luck will haunt you all this day. This is because the owl is a night animal and at night all the evil forces are coming back to life.

Owls are the protectors of lost souls, so when you see one you should treat it with respect and you might get a message from the after life world. They also protect us from rat, snakes and bugs.

If you look at an owl nest you will depressed for the rest of your life.

The big eyes of them are very scary, in modern superstitions they look like aliens, so it is believed that aliens come to visit us in the form of these animals.

If an owl coming to your house, it will take all your luck on the way out. You will lose all your assets and it might also cause to health problem.

Owl superstitions omen are so many and so interesting so if you have one email me immediately! find out more about White owl symbolism.

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