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Numerology 6 meaning number

Posted on 9th April 2012 in Psychic Mystery Believes

Numerology 6 meaning number – here are the best character traits of the 6 life path – the nurturer. Numerology 6 meaning number is natural parent. They have a nurturing quality and they always either have kids, want kids, or have pets because they like to take care of people. The 6 woman often has difficulty seeing their children as grownups.

Numerology 6 meaning number has a lot of creative energy, they need to use this, and otherwise they may get bored and start redecorating their home or cleaning or things like that. They will often treat their co-workers like family, they have a magnetic personality, and people are drawn to them. They want to make sure that they plan for the future; they want to have everything in place in case something happens. The home is very important to them. They love interior decorating, and their homes are usually very nice, neat and tidy. One thing about the number 6, they have this ability to make others feel very guilty. If a 6 isn’t happy, no one else in the room is happy. They’ll be so cold, no one can deny it.

The 6 can have a power struggle with the 1 because both have a powerful ego. They are better off playing equal and separate roles so they can both feel in control and feel acknowledged for what they do. They feel like they have to take care of everything. They sometimes need to learn to trust others to do their own job. The naturally matched numbers, or people of like mind to the 6 are 3 and 9. Compatibles are 2, 4 and 8. the incompatibles are 1, 5 and 7.

Understanding your numerology 6 meaning number will give you the psychic powers to prepare you life path as you want it to be. In this way, nothing will surprise you along the road.

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