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Nome Alaska missing people

Posted on 25th November 2011 in Are Aliens Real

Nome Alaska missing people – what is going on there? How can it be that Nome Alaska has the highest rate of people missing? And what is weirder is the fact that all of the Nome Alaska missing people cases can not be explained.

The most common reason for this disappearance is aliens’ abductions. It sound very psychic mystery but no other explanation can explain this. In 1960 there was a whole village of people that suddenly vanished from our world, not leaving even one person behind to tell us what happened. The movie the fourth kind is also a good way to show us a serious of alien experiments on human beings. And the most amazing fact is that the government, FBI and the police just can’t say what really happens there.

At first they tried to tell that the Nome Alaska missing people related to a serial killer, but they never found bodies and not even struggle signs near the missing people. Also it happens for over years now, so if a human did this then they had many time to catch him or at least wait to his mistake, but that day never came.

Don’t blame the weather for this; it is true that the heavy fog, sharp winds and other terrible weather factors can sometimes injury as at a remote place with no help until we find our death. And yes, the body could sink at the ocean and animals can eat it but still they can not do it without leaving even one proof or a lead about what has happened at this place called Nome Alaska.

It is very easy to say that you don’t believe to whatever you see at the TV or read at the newspapers but you can not ignore the testimonials of the people who really experienced this. And they are all from the same city, this make the odds very easy to make the alien story true.

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