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Nome Alaska alien abductions

Posted on 25th November 2011 in Are Aliens Real

Nome Alaska alien abductions are just one case of many real people that claim they have been abducted by aliens. There is even a case of small village in Alaska (far from Nome) which the whole members of this area had been abducted and never returned back to earth. Completed disappear without even one trace. But not only the living people are missing but also dead bodies from a near grave yard.

This real aliens story is not similar to the Nome Alaska alien abductions as seen on the movie The Fourth Kind. Still it has many psychic elements and many questions left unanswered. It is like the whole village became a ghost town, you can see the freezing homes and street, and they stopped in one minute and stayed like this for few weeks. The huge a mount of people disappearing there is very suspicious. It is true that there is a unique landscape there, a lot of sea and water and snow and that the weather conditions are not friendly all the time. But still there are too many stories about what is going on there and alien activities are a reasonable answer to this. Otherwise what can cause all of this? And police also can’t find the true about these cases. At first they thought that it was a serial killer but it just didn’t verify will all the evidences and now they are clueless.

There are many signs to Nome Alaska alien abductions, so if you live there or even on other places on earth you can check if you have been abducted. The symptoms are like:

Missing time and lost of memory, so you can not really tell what has happened. You have just a general feeling about the meeting from the fourth kind. It is very well known fact that you can retrieve this information by hypnosis.

Strange marks on you body that caused by high technology operation tools. And sometime you might find a computer chip or a tag attached to your body so the aliens will be able to trace you down at any time.

Nome Alaska alien abductions are far away from being solved. So my advice to you is not to get near this place unless you really know what you are doing!

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