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Nome Alaska abductions true story

Posted on 25th November 2011 in Are Aliens Real

Nome Alaska abductions true story – there are many aliens abductions stories, in fact there are thousand of them been reported and documented by many people. One of the most amazing and interesting case is the Nome Alaska abductions true story.

There are certain symptoms that can proof aliens’ abductions for example:

Scary visions that looks like a dream, it is speculated that when aliens visit us, our brain just can not deal with this experience and the huge amount of information that surrounds us so it looks like a nightmare in a dream. Like in the fourth kind movie, this is describing the Nome Alaska abductions true story as memory flashes that hunting the abductees when they are going to hypnosis sessions with Dr. Abigail Tyler.

Symbolic images – aliens don’t speak our language so they use symbols to show us what they want, there are many evidences of a mystery owl that visit the places where the aliens are located. They also use psychic abilities to contact us.

They don’t come a lone, there are always few of them and they arrive with UFOs, it enables them to fly fast from place to place without being traced.

There are many other signs of these strange phenomena which related to Nome Alaska abductions true story, and they are revealed in front of the camera, hours and hours of documentations. So this might be a clue that something very unique is happening at Nome. Also it is not just a one time event, it keep repeating itself in different variations over and over again. Skeptics try to find other explanations to these cases, but they just can not be sure at 100% with their realistic theories. It is very similar to the Bermuda triangle case were not only people were disappearing but also air craft and ships who sailed at this location.

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