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Posted on 25th March 2012 in Horoscopes

weekly horoscopes are very interesting because it doesn’t provide only your daily horoscope but also predictions about world events and influential people. Therefore weekly horoscopes can give you a meaningful insight about your place in relational to what is going on in earth.

weekly horoscopes are much recommended to read because they are basically like watching the news but the only difference is that you do it one week before they are happening. As you know, in recent years there were many events that changed the way we live, whether it is the economic, political or social issues. These things effect our daily lives everyday even if we live on the other side of the world. Today more then ever we are all connected via commodity trading, internet, economic and even natural disasters. In the old ages of astrology people lived in different and remote villages, so they cared only about their personal zodiac sign. Whatever happens at the other side of earth was not so interesting because they didn’t have any relation to there.

This is the main reason why weekly horoscopes are very important for your karma balance. Because even if you don’t feel it, you are being effected by things that are happening far away from you. And vice versa, you can bring positive energies to remote places on earth. So as the world becoming more complicated, you should look for a horoscope with a wider view. This is not a new thing, because astrology is all about how we interact with the universe. But when the universe has dramatically changed, it influences our destiny.

If you are into predicting your own future then weekly horoscopes provides a great information and it update daily.

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