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Lizzie Borden poem took an axe

Posted on 20th December 2011 in Mystery Seeker

Psychic Mystery seeker – What is the Lizzie Borden poem and who wrote it? Any mystery seeker will not deny that this murder is one of the most weird and unsolved case in the history of USA. So how come the Lizzie Borden took an axe poem is a part of our life?

For those who are not familiar with the story and the Lizzie Borden crime scene photos, here is a short recap: Lizzie Borden was accused of killing her father and step mother with an axe and then try to cover the bloody evidences at the basement. No one know if she did it or not, and if someone is the one so he or she never found until today. This story has entered to the USA folklore because it was very obscure and covered widely in the media on those days. The Lizzie Borden poem is summing up all of the important events into few lines. You can listen to the Lizzie Borden took an axe poem here on the next video:

Who wrote this poem about the cruel murder of Lizzie Borden is unknown. But it is probably those kids who were in the street and tried to sale newspapers to the people who walk in the street. A newspaper boy used to shout at loud the head lines of the newspapers. In that way he could get the attention of the passers. And a creative boy composes this to try to market the news in a very unique way. Some even say that you should not sing the Lizzie Borden poem took an axe, because in this way you are summoning her ghost. So if you do it you might find one of your relative dead soon with axe marks over the head. When you sing it, it make the whole story live again, and it will also keep it in our collective mind. It is the drama of life, something that we all can relate to whether we know exactly what was there or not.

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