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Lizzie Borden crime scene photos

Posted on 20th December 2011 in Mystery Seeker

Psychic Mystery seeker – According to the Lizzie Borden crime scene photos she was accused of killing her father and mother with an axe in 1892. There are many theories about it, some says she is guilty and other mystery seekers tried to clear her name. In the end she didn’t went to jail and up to this very date Lizzie Borden crime scene photos can not help us to decide who committed these crimes.

Andrew Borden the father, came back home from the bank and sat on the living room couch, Abby the mother was at the guests` room and the maid took a little nap at her room. Then suddenly Lizzie Borden started to scream and tell over the phone to the maid that she found her father lying dead, later on they also found that the mother is also dead. Both of the parents were murdered by sharp axe hitting on their heads.

Lizzie Borden crime scene photos don’t tell us who was the murderer, many members of the family had the motive to do it, but the truth remains a psychic mystery. There were many arguments about money and who will inherit all the houses that the father Andrew had. Also Lizzie Borden had a tragedy, one day before the murder she found all her pigeons dead, their wings and heads were chopped out. Later on she found out that her father did it because they were hassling the children in the neighborhood and they also could start a fire at the barn. The Bordens had lots of enemies in the town and so Abby thought that it could be someone who is trying to get revenge and poisoning their food.

Lizzie Borden was set free because the jury couldn’t link her to the murder weapon – the axe and also it was clean without any blood trace. Most of the theories can show us that other people might did it like the maid who has access to the poisoned food and who had a big fight with them about how should she clean the windows.

Here you can watch the Lizzie Borden crime scene photos:

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