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Itanimulli meaning Illuminati

Posted on 25th February 2012 in Illuminati Conspiracy Theory

Itanimulli meaning is something very controversial from the one hand Itanimulli meaning can be just an internet hoax and from the second hand, it might lead us to a big conspiracy. If you change the word and read it from the end to the beginning you will see that it means Illuminati. If you wonder that the new word is representing then it is an organization of powerful people who are using top level resource in order to control the earth. Until now they didn’t manage to do it completely but when you look about all the members and symbols you can see that slowly but sure they are going to take over the world.

Back to Itanimulli meaning if you will look for this phrase on the internet you will see a website hosting that in fact is not a site it is a redirection to the NSA website. Again it might be a hoax but still there are too many strange coincidences with this psychic mystery story that it is very hard to distinguish the truth from the false.

One question still remains, why we need to spell Illuminati backwards? These is because the ancient magic rituals. Back then when you said things backwards you could enter to another world or calling ghosts to pass the gate between the dead and the living. It is like a different dimension where things are very similar to our world but with a little difference. A parallel universe which is very different and also might be very scary. It adds mysticism to this secret society. There are some evidences that such organization was founded of 1776 and called Bavarian. At that time the use of magic was very common. So if the ideas of the members have survived all these years then it is very possible that the aspect of psychic magic is still being used, maybe in more modern way but the foundation are the same.

Should we be worry about Itanimulli meaning? I guess it depends on what you think and believe. The world is full of dangers but also has many illusions. So it ends up with one advice which is be careful but not too careful. for more information about check this page: illuminati itanimulli.

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