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Itanimulli hoax Illuminati

Posted on 23rd February 2012 in Hoaxes

Itanimulli hoax Illuminati this is one of the bests hoaxes on the internet and it all started with a joke. If you spell Illuminati from the end to the start you will see the word Itanimulli hoax. After that you just have to visit a hosting website called Itanimulli dot com and you will see that it redirected to the NSA gov hosting website.

For those who don’t know, Illuminati supposed to be a hidden members club that its main purpose is to control the world. The members are people in high positions that can pull the strings and distort the current events of life, they even use celebrities and famous personas to transmit subliminal messages which are the perfect brain wash which will serve them on the conquer day. It is believed that this psychic mystery order is 300 years old. It passed by from generation to generation. The cure members always survived and could escape from being traced. Their operations have not published to the public but it is assumed that they did change crucial things on earth. The weather, wars, technology, politics, health and even our popular culture. Itanimulli hoax Illuminati takes this story and make us believe that it is true.

And after all why wouldn’t we believe in the Itanimulli hoax Illuminati? We see their symbols everywhere hosting on the one dollar bill, symbols of NASA, us air forces, TV, and even McDonalds and AOL. You can read more about Itanimulli Illuminati. What makes this to work as a hoax is the fact that there are not too much supernatural powers involve in it. It looks very logical that some group that have the authority for certain resources at the same time, will come together and gather everything for them selves and do with it whatever they pleased. There are also many buildings, statutes and monuments that imply the existence of such secret organization. Such as the white house, pentagon, obelisks, Egyptian pyramids, Stone Age and many more. So when you see these marvelous architecture marvels you just can believe that there is a higher power or a hidden hand that navigate the course of life.

If you look at the word: Itanimulli hoax you can also find out that it is initials of a sentence that says something like: “you me and everyone will go to hell”. This ignites the suspicious of those who believe in this kind of mirrors magic. If you take something and use it differently it might have a supernatural effect on you. It is also very familiar at the world of illusions when a certain object can be perceived as something completely different. Like when you are looking through a window, at the morning there is light out side and you are in the dark so you can have a good look at the nice landscape that is hosting our world. But in the evening it is dark outside and you light the room with a lamp. So when you look back to the window, you see now only the reflection of the room. This little trick of darkness and light has very deep meaning in the occult practice so the Itanimulli hoax Illuminati is taken very seriously through this practice.

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