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Is telekinesis possible

Posted on 13th June 2012 in Psychic Mystery

Is telekinesis possible? Yes it is, many psychic people are reporting that they have this special ability to levitate object with the power of the mind. Is telekinesis possible or just a magician illusion?

How is telekinesis possible? Atoms of any physical material change their positions all the time; the same is going on with telekinesis. Everything on earth has influence on everything else. We are all connected somehow and with this psychic mystery we can even see how objects are moving in the middle of the air just by thinking about it! If you know how to do it then it became like a second nature, however before you get into this phase you have to practice a lot. The real process of levitating items starts by clearing your mind. Basically you need to think about nothing. Every other thought will interfere in the process. After that you have to concentrate very hard. The best thing to do is to imagine what you want to do. For example if you would like to make a 100$ bill to fly you need to think about it. Close your eyes and visualize the 100 dollar paper as a light cloud that is surrounded by winds and energies coming out from earth. Slowly but surely imagine how it begins to levitate in the air.

If you ask a question like is telekinesis possible? Then you also might be interested in learning how energies works, they are basically works like magnetic fields or electrostatic. They are forces that have been found on earth therefore they are not a trick or an illusion they are really exist in the physical level of life. From that point we can deduce that they also live in the spiritual and psychic world. Telekinesis can also help us to explore ghosts and spirits that left our world. They also have energies that can move things. So this ability doesn’t stop when we die, it goes with us, it is always a part of us but we have to know how to use it.

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