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Is Bloody Mary real or fake?

Posted on 17th March 2012 in Psychic Mystery

Is Bloody Mary real or fake? So many people have tried it at their home; some can swear that the ghosts of Mary have visited them and stroke horror in their hearts. Others claim that it is just a hoax or a myth. So how can we know – Is Bloody Mary real or fake?

There are some skeptics that say no to the question is Bloody Mary real or fake? It is probably very common sense that you can not summon a specific ghost which is very popular. Think of it as if thousands of people are summon her spirit at midnight, she can not visit each one of them at the same time. So it doesn’t work every time, only few can do it. It also depends on how you are doing this ritual and if you have a specific interest thing to offer or to attract the spirit of bloody Mary. The ghosts don’t sit at hell and just waiting for you to call them. They need to have a good reason to cross between the worlds. Usually it as related to unclosed issued they had in their last past life time.

Those who says yes to the question is Bloody Mary real or fake? Have often found themselves summoning another spirit instead which had the same footprints of bloody Mary. You see the story of her loosing her baby or as it described in other legend that she couldn’t even have a baby, is not unique. People are dealing this issue every day. So it is possible to attract other ghosts who have unsolved issue here on earth. It can also attract the souls of unborn babies. Sometimes it happen because of a tragic accident but other times it is because these spirits were punished for their bad deeds and were not allowed entering our world. So the only way they can have a little time here is by appearing when you are summoning Bloody Mary.

There are many psychic ways that you can attract the spirit of Bloody Mary and find out on your own way the answer to the question: is Bloody Mary real or fake? The most popular way is to go to your bathroom exactly at midnight and stand in front of the mirror. Make the room dark and light only a small candle. Then say her name: “Bloody Mary” seven times. If the magical ritual works as expected then you will see in the mirror a reflection of her face. You will also feel coldness around you which will probably shut the candle light. After you will run away from the room with your fear you will start to realize that your face is corrupted with little scratches and rivers of blood. The legend says that most of those who tried to find out is Bloody Mary real or fake? Found that she is real but it was too late because now they are also dead.

Sometimes we are very curious about some psychic mystery thing but when things are going worse and we are going to find ourselves haunted by a scary ghost, will not care anymore about is Bloody Mary real or fake? We will just want to move away or get our old life again. But it might be too late. There are two kinds of lost souls – those who will try to help you from doing the mistakes they did and those who will deceive you and drag you to hell in the same way they have been fooled.

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