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Hoodoo vs Voodoo

Posted on 15th December 2011 in Psychic Mystery

Hoodoo vs Voodoo – everyone has heard about Voodoo but what is Hoodoo? Well it is a form of magic rituals that are very popular in Africa and have a tradition for a long time now. These magical practices are a collection of more civilizations like native America, European and South Africa that together emerged to one big mystic religion. Hoodoo vs Voodoo including mainly casting spells.

The Hoodoo vs Voodoo have a spell for any kind of life situation. The propose of this, is to connect you with the energies of life and to let them affect you in a positive way. The spell are going together with a witching practice which include ingredients of elements that can be found at nature like leaves, roots, plants and also animal parts and even things that are belong to the human body! It is also believed that the dead spirit of the tribes can improve our life. This is why in every session there is a special pray or a call to raise their ghosts and invite them to visit earth and to listen to their words of wisdom. Almost everyone has a Hoodoo product in their house, this psychic mystery believe is the root of commercialized goods like oils, candles, crystal cosmetics and many more.

Hoodoo vs Voodoo are not the same thing voodoo is more about black magic. The most familiar item is the voodoo doll, it became and iconic representation of this religion. It is believe that you can take the soul of a targeted person and cage it inside the doll. Then, whatever you do to this doll will affect the life of the person you want to cast spells on. It is very interesting thing because it makes the whole process more visible and practical. We can see in from o our eyes representations of things that we can not see, for example not all of us can see ghosts but we objectifying the ghosts to little items. There is also a very secret spell that not everyone knows and it described how you can take a spirit of a person and lock it in a bottle. It is done at night when the person is sleeping, because this is when the spirit is basically leaving the human body and travels.

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