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Graphology examples

Posted on 4th June 2012 in Psychic Readings

Graphology examples can be defined as a psychic mystery because it is another way to analyze what is going on with a certain person. Graphology examples can provide information about psychological effect that a person is going through but also things that related to the spiritual field. This is also why it doesn’t consider as a scientific tool.

There are lots of Graphology examples and they all treated as a creation of the soul, something unique that you can express yourself with. It can help to diagnose past lives, every important experience that your spirit might had in the last reincarnation has made a little mark and we can see these results with this technique. Sometimes we are too busy in our daily routine that we don’t have the time to stop and to examine the little things in life that looks pointless like hand writing. Everyone can look at his or her handwriting and try to figure out what does it mean. You can use common knowledge of a superficial interpretations such as small hand writing indicated fear, big font symbolize a big ego and so on. However for a deeper psychic reading you might want to meet a medium.

While Graphology is a fact that writing is a physical action it is actually related to your emotions, thoughts and feelings and this is the reason why it is connected to the psychic mystery world. There are clairvoyants that when they communicate with dead spirits they hold pen and paper and write or draw everything that they perceive from the ghost. So you can challenge your spirit with this supernatural phenomenon but also other spirits. Maybe you will be surprised, but by understanding Graphology examples you can actually predict your future because every time you write something it is like getting messages form the other side of life.

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