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Gothic Google Goth

Posted on 30th October 2011 in Mystery Seeker

Google Goth also called Gothic Google, which is a search engine that should bring you only dark Gothic results. There are two kinds of this mystery websites. The first one is the regular search engine that we are familiar with, but only the theme of the site is in Goth style. The Gothic style is mainly visualized by black and other shades of dark colors. And of course the logo looks more mysteries like an ancient castle or scary grave yard. Sometimes there are also nice gloomy pictures on the homepage just to gives you the real feeling of the unknown.

The other kind of Google Goth lots pretty much the same as the first one but in this case it also bring up Gothic search results when we enter a keyword. The principle behind this is that you don’t have to type a certain phrase that is about the dark side of life and Google will some how find you a mystery answer to your question.

In the last few years Gothic Google became a real psychic mystery, we can compare it to the old oracles and magicians that helped people many years ago to solve their problems. They knew everything about life, not only because they had lots of knowledge but because they could use it in the right context. This is why they had huge power and considered as high society class. Today in the internet era we also depend very much on these online machines and this is what gives them the option to effect us and even to control our life and navigate our actions to a specific path.

But beside these warnings it can be very entertaining to play with it and just get a different kind of search results. The positive thing about Gothic Google Goth is that it can raise your creativity, make you think positively and bring to your life mysterious topics that you have never heard of.

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