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Posted on 8th November 2011 in Horoscopes

So what is horoscope? Is it just zodiac signs on the newspapers or something more? There are many answers one can give perhaps the simplest is that astrology is the believe that something more then a moment of time have qualities of that moment in time. you can also described horoscope as a complex symbolic system, they started a tradition that believe that there is a correlation between a relative position of the stars and our life.

Various horoscopes techniques are use to interpret the meaning of that correlation and to provide deep information about personality traits, human affairs and other topics that are interesting us very much. To the skeptics, horoscope is silly and worthless superstition.

So let’s take a look about what various astrologers said about horoscopes and how it works. In 1477 Marsilio Ficino wrote that the sky can show many events without causing it and this is an evident of the fact that evil with any order can derive from very good and ordered reality. So these things are foretold according to the planet positions at space, there are signs and not causes.

A little later in 1536 Paracelsus wrote that man is a microcosms or a little world because it is an extract from all the stars and planets from the earth and the elements. In order to grasp the true meaning of alchemy and horoscopes it is necessary to have a clear conception of the inner relationship and identity of the microcosms and the macrocosms and their interaction.

More recently in 1974 Dane Rudhyar wrote that for the humanistic astrologers a birth chart is a person’s centered symbol. That is to say that we carry a message, the symbolic formulation of the individual dharma. It suggests how we can best actualize any potentiality and unique selfhood. From those point of view horoscopes seems like a language of different symbols.

In 1987 Nicholas Campion wrote that horoscope take the changing patterns of the stars and uses them to understand human life and events on earth. Everything that is happen in the heavens above can be taken as a sign of changes at the earth below. Fundamental to this believe is an understanding that the entire universe is a big hole in which all parts exist in a totally interdependent relationships with each other.

Elle horoscope still leaves unanswered questions: do interstates react to planetary happening and relationships or the planetary currencies aspects some how creates those responses? Is astrology is merely useful symbolism of any possibility of any scientific bases? For is there is something going on we do not yet to understand.

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