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Edgar Cayce map of North America

Posted on 27th December 2011 in Psychic Mystery Places

After reading Edgar Cayce map of North America you can be sure that the world will look very different after the end of the world will come. Edgar Cayce map of North America has been predicted long time ago by many psychics, but only his predictions is the most accurate and also consist with latest changes of earth.

Edgar Cayce map of North America will look like this: the earth will break North America in to two pieces. This will also happen in Japan at the east – it will spread into little pieces and all the island will scatter in the sea far away from each other. And with Europe the fate will be also the same, all the land will move and reach to America and form a new and bigger dry land. The North Pole and South Pole will shift with each other it will cause a big change in the magnetic forces on earth and many Volcano Mountains will erupt. This will also change the weather and we know it. The living conditions will be much harder as it will be much hot and tropical weather.

This prediction of Edgar Cayce might be real and fulfill anytime in the future and not exactly on 21 December 2012. And in fact it has already started to roll and there are not too much things that we can do in order to stop this day from coming. His predictions we supposed to be real in 1998 but they didn’t, so everyone had forgotten about this. But now as we face another era these prophecies are echoing again and maybe now we will have this surprise.

According to the Edgar Cayce map of North America many city will be destroyed and other will sink in the ocean. There will be lots of earthquakes that practically will kill millions of USA citizens. The sea level will also get higher and another catastrophic dead will hit us around the globe. There will be less lands and more sea.

Take a good look at this video presenting the map of North America as Edgar Cayce predicted:

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