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Dr. Abigail Emily Tyler Nome Alaska Chapman university

Posted on 1st February 2012 in Are Aliens Real

After watching the movie the fourth kind which is about Dr. Abigail Emily Tyler Nome Alaska Chapman University people started to question if Dr. Abigail Emily Tyler Nome Alaska Chapman University is a real person or just a fake name to make the film more realistic and even if there is a real person did she made the research about Nome Alaska disappearances.

It is a fact that on October 2011 many people have been vanished away without living any trace. It was all on the local newspaper. Because no one could an explanation for this it was concluded that aliens and ufo abducted the people. There were few guesses that they killed because the b ad weather or just got into fight with each other after having a party at the local bar. But the psychic mystery is still remain and no one knows where are the missing people of this town and if they are dead or alive somewhere on earth or even have been taken to another galaxy.

Many people try to find out on the internet about Dr. Abigail Emily Tyler Nome Alaska Chapman University but in the end they might be a little disappointed because they will not find this real person. This character was created only for the plot of the movie. However other parts of this story is very real, even the FBI don’t have proof or even a good guess about what exactly happened there. And this is the key point to understand this obscure mystery. After we got no answer to our question then it must be aliens or some other big force that had affected the whole town. Another explanation is a secret military experiment on this area. So in the end it doesn’t matter who caused this mystery but there is something that someone is hiding from us.

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