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Disappearances in Nome Alaska

Posted on 27th November 2011 in Are Aliens Real

Many cases of Disappearances in Nome Alaska are still open. An entire village of native people has disappeared and not one can say how or who did it. Disappearances in Nome Alaska is not something that we can dismiss so easily. Where are all these people?

And this is not a story about serial killer; it was also confirmed by the FBI. So it has to be something else, but how can we explain this psychic mystery? What is weirder is that some of them closed by the families of the victims, or turn out to be accidents. But the majority of them are still unsolved mysteries. Every good mystery seeker should not reject the theory of alien abductions as it was showed in the movie the fourth kind. Aliens’ abductions are very possible solution to the disappearances in Nome Alaska. A nature disaster like earthquake or tsunami will not cause such large number of missing people without a trace. Also a serial killer just can’t make a whole village to disappear. So something else is the cause of all this and it might be aliens.

There are also many people who claim they were visited by real aliens, they exposed it in hypnosis sessions. Ufos with psychic telepathic powers contact them at night and showed them horrifying images. At first everyone in the city thought that these people are insane and wanted to hospitalize them in a mental institution. But after it happened to many more people they just couldn’t keep ignore them or treat them like crazy people.

The disappearances in Nome Alaska are kept in quiet most of the time. Not only because the law enforcement stuff don’t want mass panic arrack by the public, but also because they just can not tell us exactly what is happening there.

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