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Define esp definition – Extrasensory perception

Posted on 10th May 2012 in Psychic Mystery

Define esp definition is Extrasensory perception which related to any psychic phenomena you might encounter. Define esp definition is having a sixth sense which can give you the powers to do things that most of the people cant, it define the spiritual aspects of life rather then the material.

Long time ago people have prepared many tests to check if you have an esp (Extrasensory perception) you can check this psychic test and try your luck! Another famous esp test is Zener cards. These are simple cards with easy pictures like stars, triangles, circles, waves and etc. and if you can guess / sense the picture behind the card then you have psychic powers of esp. the more you guess right the more your ability is stronger. Those test helped us to come up with the esp definition – to distinct the gifted people from those who didn’t develop these skills yet. But the psychic world is much different then these tests, there are many things that we can not explain even with science but that doesn’t mean that there are no unexplained phenomena.

Researchers also tried to define esp as a personal believe and they found out that people who believe in this tend to get a higher scores in these psychic tests. This can leads us to a very important conclusion that basically we can do and be whatever we want, so we all have the chance to have these skills and we just need to practice it. And if you think practice is too hard, well sometimes it is enough to believe, feel or just to keep on an open mind to find out that there are many more mysteries to be discovered. If you are interested in esp definition then you probably have thoughts that you can be a psychic, so this is the time to start learning the topic because it is not that hard after all.

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