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Colton Burpo hoax interview heaven is for real

Posted on 22nd November 2011 in Hoaxes

Todd Colton Burpo hoax or is the Colton Burpo interview is for real? Here is all the psychic mystery story for you to judge. If you would ask Colton Burpo what happens after death than you will get this answer: Heaven is for real.

This little boy claims that he died, went to heaven and met Jesus Christ and god. It all started when he had a little surgery that went wrong when he was four years old. He claims that the soul or spirit left his body and traveled at the hospital, flying above his mother and father. We know it because after he woke he was able to describe exactly what his family did and talk about when he was astral projecting (out of body experience). But the psychic mystery story of Colton Burpo hoax is not ending yet, when Colton Todd Burpo came back to earth he could recognize picture of his great grandfather which he never knew because he died before he was born. Also he reported that he met in heaven a little girl that told him she was the unborn child of his mother. And again, his mother never talked about this topic with him.

But this is not the only story about people who says they died and visited heaven or even hell while they were between the worlds. It is very interesting that in most cases it is reported by children. It is believed that they have a special connection to these places because they are so young, therefore their soul is still in touch with those mystery places and they possess high psychic skills. From the one hand this can be a proof that Heaven is for real because this weird experience is very unique and Todd knew lots of details that a four years year old couldn’t know from his parents, but on the other hand it can not proved scientifically so the debate will go on.

Colton Burpo hoax might be for real or just a legend. But most of the people who heard out this think it is true. The faith is much stronger then science proves. Watch the video of Colton Burpo interview and decide for your self:

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