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Carmen Winstead is it true wikipedia

Posted on 23rd December 2011 in Mystery Seeker

The story of Carmen Winstead is it true? If you are a psychic mystery seeker that you probably wonder if what happened with Carmen Winstead is it true? Many have heard about this but no one can say for sure what really happened at that night many years ago.

In short, Carmen Winstead before death was a girl who died because few of her friends throw her to the sewer. She was the new girl in town with no friends at all, so she was willing to do any think to fit in, but the only place she fit in was through the sewer opening. She didn’t spoke to anyway and everyone talked behind her back, they also made vicious rumors about her. When she had enough she started to fight back but these girls just kept on bullying and make it worse. When she couldn’t stand it anymore she wanted to talk to her teacher, but before she had the time to do it, a terrible thing has happened. And you will decide if Carmen Winstead is it true?

According to Carmen Winstead Wikipedia a fire drill on school made all the kids to get out to the yard and these girls thought it will be very funny to push her into the sewer when the whole school is watching. So they did it and she fall down and all her “friends” had a good laugh. After a while they notice she was full of blood and not moving. When the police investigated this event, they girls lied and told them that it was an accident and so they closed this case without catching the murderers.

Few months’ latter strange emails, MySpace messages and Facebook status has started to pop up. These messages where very frightening to them and they claimed that someone knows the true and is going to tell it to the police if they will not do it by themselves. And then many mystery phenomena has occurred to the people who killed her, they started to hear very strange noises from the sewer when they were taking bath. They found her body remains near the house. But scarier, all the girls who pushed her to the sewer were found dead in the exact way as David Gregory and Carmen Winstead. It didn’t stop there, and everyone who doesn’t believe that Carmen Winstead is it true founded dead! Her ghost is still haunting those who deny her story. Whether it is true or not, be careful who you are bullying because you might find yourself dead and haunted by ghosts.

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