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Cancer horoscope

Posted on 14th October 2011 in Horoscopes

Cancer horoscope June 21 – July 22

is the sigh of the crab, it’s a cardinal zodiac sign which means very go ahead. It is also a water sign so they have very developed emotions, the feeling planet is the moon that is associated with sensitivity. They are actually family and home oriented, they are the sort of people that will find the neighborhood where they live and very important – they want to be extremely involved and want to know the people who lives around them. The family will be the key issue here.

The cancer will want to nurture and nourish the people they care foremost that will be so important for them. They tempt to make good care, so they might find themselves working as nurses, social workers. Often the zodiac sign of cancer is associated with taking people under their wings and really bring them on. They are doing this not in their job and not in their profession at all but in the home to feed people and they are also very good with food, so they make an excellent cooks. They love nothing better than have their family around them sitting at the table sharing a meal together.

The cancer is just a little bit as the crab in the natural world. Crabs have very hard armor and very protective but it side very soft and vulnerable and they tend to be like that, they tend to protect themselves and their secret feelings. Because they ruled by the moon and the moon affect the tides and flows and other waters which are the substance of the earth, they tend to be a little bit moody.

They also have good intuitions and many psychic powers that help them to see what is far beyond. They can give great advices about how your future will look like and what you should do in order to achieve the goal. If you are in some kind of trouble then you need to hear what they have to say.

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