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Brooke Greenberg hoax

Posted on 23rd May 2012 in Hoaxes

Brooke Greenberg hoax – we all want to live forever or at least stay young. The Brooke Greenberg hoax might teach scientists more about how we are aging and how to stop this process. This is a one of a kind psychic mystery of all times.

First it is not a complete hoax. There are many truths about it and one of this is that Brooke Greenberg was really born with a medical illness – ever since she was six months old she didn’t physically grew at all. Many doctors has tried to identify the cause of this syndrome and decided that it is all related to one gene in the D.N.A therefore they intent to learn about it and maybe in the future they will be bale to create a formula that will make us young again or at least stop aging.

Living forever and staying young is one of the most desirable wish of man kind. And there are lots of reasons for that. When we are aged we usually have physical illnesses which are a natural process of life itself but still it is not so comfortable. It also limits us, for example we can not see nor run as we used too. But this is what life is and today the only thing we left with is to accept this fate. And in the end everything that comes from nature should be accepted because these are the roles and it happens to everyone. Another reason for staying young forever is to avoid death. We don’t know exactly what is waiting for us on the other side of life so why to take a chance? Life is beautiful so we have to make the most of it when we still can.

There have been many psychic mystery cases like Brooke Greenberg hoax especially in the topic of how to stay young forever or how to decode life and death. There is no one explanation and we still don’t know everything about it. It is like a secret that will never be revealed.

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