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Baphomet star illuminati symbol

Posted on 27th February 2012 in Illuminati Conspiracy Theory

Baphomet star illuminati – this symbol is associated with some psychic mystery groups that deal with the devil but we can also find it at the Baphomet star illuminati society. It doesn’t means that they are up to do evil things – although some claims that this is their main purpose but they use few elements from this symbol.

Baphomet star illuminati have Hebrew letter at the edge of each part of the star, if we try to assemble a word out of it we will get: “Leviathan” meaning a big creature that lives at the deep oceans. This symbol was neutral through history, it didn’t mean to innuendo anything bad or wrong intentions but some groups used it as a scary symbol. The goat in the middle of the star is a symbol of god, and representing the god of all witches. Somehow it became the main icon of secrets societies. So every now and then when we hear about them we usually see and try to connect it to them.

Baphomet star illuminati is not something that is unique to the illuminati people but rather added to the organization to create a more psychic mystery atmosphere to this activity. In fact they have many other symbols that are more related to the freemasons. This sign is striking a fear at our hearts because we see a half man and a half animal, a female body with the head of a goat. This make us thinks that there is something wrong with this creature. We usually are afraid of these combinations that doesn’t seems to look so real because it might tell us that it is something that doesn’t fits to the way we classified things in our world, and hence the fear. It also show us that there is another world and it doesn’t have to be so far away from us, in fact it can be right here and right now very close to us. It seems like the gates can be opened every minute now and all the evil will come to us. Baphomet star illuminati are perfect for secret societies because it show us that they are hiding but also very close.

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