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Aura color meanings and readings

Posted on 17th April 2012 in Psychic Readings

Aura color meanings – after you have practice the psychic mystery of seeing auras you probably would like to know the Aura color meanings. You can use these interpretations to see what your current spiritual and physical situation is.

Aura color meanings are the reaction of the electromagnetic field around your body. Usually you will see auras is one color only but sometimes you will see that it is changing from place to place, this should trigger a red flag to pay more attention for the problematic area.

Orange – a leader someone who can control other people. Can also be a good teacher and someone that is easy to follow.

Turquoise – you are fueled with positive energy, it is like charisma when you can take this to the next level and influence other people, help them to have a better life.

Yellow – this means a free spirit, someone who is not attached too much to the ground. Likes to travel, very happy and have good communication with others. This Aura color meanings is the best way to make sure you live your life as you think you suppose to live.

Blue – this is an indicator that you have stable life. It also means that you are calm and relaxed.

Green – this Aura colors is usually associated with psychics and healers because they can change the energy as they want for their or other people’s benefits. They also have special connection to nature and animals.

Red – you are to too spiritual at this moment, more concern about the body and materialistic stuff.

Pink – this is the right way to be balanced in terms of the soul and the physical body. It means that you pay good attention for both or you needs.

Purple – spiritual energies usually around the head but sometimes can be near the heart too.

Black, brown and green – these colors usually symbolize depression, sadness and any other negative feelings and energy that is waiting to be cleaned.

White – indicates a diseases or illness. The aura should be in a color and if it is not this means that the electromagnetic field is not working properly.

These are the basic Aura color meanings if you found that your color is not what you want it to be, there are always lots of psychic ways to change it.

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