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Are werewolves real

Posted on 22nd November 2011 in Mythical Creatures

Are werewolves real? Hello, I’m Ash. I’ve gone through your whole psychic mystery website, thought I would share my life story which can answer the question: Are werewolves real?

I’m part Lakota, so I know how the Native American side plays into it. lol, Anyhow I am what I would call born under the wolf, Wolf spirit in some native terms.. or a lycanthrope. I’m not one of those real werewolves that you talked about, but well I can Astral physically change if I want. In case your not aware, astral projection where you can project a piece of your soul somewhere else.. Or even your entire soul. I’m also just not Lycan, but that’s another story.

I know how you feel on full moon madness, the only way to describe it, it’s not warmth. Like a power, it runs through your veins, fills your soul, makes you feel this euphoria that’s, just amazing. You feel like you can do anything, you’re strong and your senses are keener. I’m told that my eyes can change at times but I don’t know because I haven’t tried to look at them when they have supposedly changed. Normally I’ve got some nice hearing I usually hide it well, but I still freak out parents when I tell them I can hear the TV on when there is no cable, my smell, well is pretty good I think, my night vision depends on if I focus, but I do tend to see in the dark a bit after a couple minutes and not the average 15. I love bloody meat, have eaten raw buffalo meat, which I have to admit, is the best thing ever. And I have been around wolves In fact, I didn’t know about myself as real werewolf until after, I swear on this, a wolf told me I was different, I was one and connected with him. He said I was real werewolf. All in my head and ever since, a wolf always knows me as a friend, even freaked a few people out with it. And Coyotes well they see me and start running away with tails between their legs. lol And dogs, even my cat, knows and understands. I’m Alpha, when I’m around. Now things I’ve found out. Outside the fact I actually physically have three sets of sharp teeth, two premolars are actually pointed.

Are werewolves real?
1. If I have no meat, especially red meat with some blood on a full moon (which starts for me at 90% ends at 89%), I get really aggressive, easily agitated, on high alert, and start to have that strong urge to hunt.

2. I do snarl, growl and seemingly hair rises up, apparently when I am angry, etc.

3. I do carry the wolfy traits of family, etc… And I could understand howls if I were around wolves again. But I do howl at the full moon and tend to howl my feelings where it seems to be heard.

Ok, now I feel a little brain fried trying to think of things, but yea, there are a lot of interesting things when we talk about are werewolves real? Like I do have hair on the top of my fingers. You know that middle bone from the tip to part of your knuckle? Yea… I actually have some hair there… And hair on the top of my feet… which apparently is a little interesting seeing that it only started when I got back in touch with my werewolf side. Anyway thought I’d share and help other people to learn about are werewolves real?

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