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777 meaning

Posted on 10th June 2012 in Psychic Mystery Believes

777 meaning is the complete opposite then 666. 777 meaning is good news from your spiritual guide, luck and reinsurance that you are going on the right path in your psychic mystery life.

If you repeatedly seeing the number 777 it means that angels want to communicate with you. It is also a sign to relax, stop and let everything go as your destiny plan. We usually see this psychic mystery when we are too busy, or try to hard that we completely going to ruin everything. It is time that you will stop confuse yourself with so many stuff that looks very important but in fact they just destruct you from your real purpose of life. This is why you actually need to forget everything you know about this world and go with your feeling. It is also a marvelous opportunity to start from fresh new things and to have other ideas.

So how can you utilities the 777 meaning to a higher psychic development? Well the easiest thing to do is meditation. It doesn’t have to take long, just relax, close your eyes, take death breathe and clear your mind. After few minutes you will start to see vision and images that are actually messages from spirit guides. You might be surprise how often we forget to take a rest in our daily life and this distracts us from what we really have to do in life.

In many civilizations the number 777 meaning is symbolizing perfection, god and harmony. So it predicts that you will have good events. However you have to tune your life for it because it will not happen by itself. It is just a little lead or push to the right direction. Now, if you ignore it you might miss it or even go down the path to hell. The number 777 appears only once in the bible, this means one chance to fix something. One chance is all you need but if you ignore it, you will be very sorry.

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